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John Cooper and Sons
Woodburners (Cast Iron Stoves)

John Cooper and Sons supply cast iron Woodburning Stoves from our outlets in Essex (Chelmsford) and Hertfordshire (Hertford) to cover the south east of England.

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HETAS registered Installer




Dry seasoned wood; Smokeless ­­- Ancit, Centurion, Coalite (Nuts), Maxibrite, Phurnacite, Sunbrite (Doubles), Extracite, Blazebrite, Anthracite (Large Nuts), Welsh Dry Steam Coal (Large Nuts).

The Stretton

If you want the look of a traditional fireplace combined with the benefits of an AGA cast-iron stove, look no further than the Stretton.

Easy to install, the cassette-style Stretton stove is sleekly designed to fit into a 16" (405mm) or 18" (460mm) fireplace. It produces a heat output of up to 4.9kW with 78.4% efficiency from wood. Solid fuel types include coal, anthracite and peat briquettes - achieving a 4.4kW nominal heat output with 70% efficiency.

Like all AGA stoves, the Stretton benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System. It helps to retain heat, keep the glass clean and optimises fuel efficiency.

The Stretton can be left burning overnight, keeping any room warm and ready for the morning. There's also an ash pan, fire fence, removable shaker grate and ash tray which make cleaning your stove quick and easy - with a 'cool touch' classic AGA black handle for safe access. Available in matt black.

Matt Black
Multi-Fuel £1195
(Smoke Exempt)
Matt Black
Wood £1345






482mm (w) 362mm (d) 605mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output:
4.9 kW Wood, 4.4 kW Solid Fuel



The Ludlow

The Ludlow is a medium sized multi fuel and wood burning only stove with a nominal heat output of 6.5kW, (maximum heat output of 9.7kW) with 76% efficiency when burning wood logs. It has a removable shader grate, ash pan, fire fence and front ash tray. As well as being simeple and easy to sue, it can be left to burn overnight.

It features the classis AGA black wire handle and will look equally at home in a traditional or contemporary setting.

The Ludlow has been designed to exude a similar look to the existing AGA Stoves range, preciely engineered to give an effecitve air-wahs system. This is controlled with pinpoint accuracy by the dedicated, preheated tertiary air intake.



Matt Black

Multi-Fuel £975
(smoke exempt)
Matt Black
Wood £1045



Ludlow Small

454mm (w) 456mm (d) 588mm (h)

Normal Heat Output:
6.5 kW Wood, 6.2 kW Solid Fuel




The Little Wenlock Classic SE

A dedicated Smoke Exempt version of the best selling Little Wenlock Classic.

A Carbon neutral, renewable and cost effective energy source, there has never been a better time to bring the warmth and heart warming appeal of a real fire into your living room.

Specifically designed to burn wood – and to burn it so efficiently as to meet the stringent requrements of the Clean Air Act - the low particulate emissions from the SE means that this product is fully approved to burn wood and smoke control zones (typically associated with urban centres of population). Nominal heat output on the SE is 4.7kW.

The Little Wenlock Classic SE – your fully approved Exempted Appliance – the perfect blend of old and new – combining cutting edge technology with traditional cast iron style and performance.


Little Wenlock Classic SE (smoke exempt)
Matt Black
Wood £875


little wenlock classic


400mm (w) 415mm (d) 533mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output:
4.7 kW (Wood)



The Little Wenlock Classic

They say good things come in small packages and, when it comes to the Little Wenlock Classic, it's certainly true. It's the perfect blend of old and new, combining cutting-edge design with traditional beauty. This compact stove fits in almost any space - an ideal choice for smaller homes and standard fireplaces.

And if its looks aren't impressive enough, the Little Wenlock Classic's energy efficiency certainly is. Through a combination of meticulous development, innovative engineering and intelligent design, the Little Wenlock Classic has a nominal output of 4.7kW - eliminating the need for an air vent in the room. It is supplied with a supplementary wood grate which allows the stove to achieve a breathtaking 81.2% efficiency, making it one of the most efficient stoves in the world.

Other features include a choice of top or rear flue connection, a high chrome riddling grate, combustion air control, built-in ash pan and the AGA Active Air Wash System which keeps the glass clean. Available in matt black.

Little Wenlock Classic
Matt Black
Multi-Fuel £825



little wenlock classic

400mm (w) 415mm (d) 533mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output
4.7 kW (Wood & Solid Fuel)




The Little Wenlock

The timeless appeal of a cast-iron stove is hard to beat and AGA stoves are among the best money can buy. The Little Wenlock is no exception. With its traditional moulded detail, arched side panels and striking wired handle it would make a stunning centrepiece in any home.

The compact design means it can fit seamlessly into almost any setting, and makes it particularly suitable for small rooms and apartment living. Don't be fooled by its size the Little Wenlock has an output to rival much larger stoves. And in terms of convenience, it has a controllable heat output, making finding and maintaining the ideal temperature quick and easy.

The Little Wenlock is a solid fuel or wood-burning stove. The nominal heat output from wood is 5.7kW, increasing to a maximum of 8kW with 79.4% efficiency; solid fuels will achieve a nominal heat output of 4.2kW with 78.8% efficiency. It benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System - cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean, so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire.

The Little Wenlock stove, resplendent in matt black, also has a durable high chrome grate and a top and rear flue output. The handle and spin wheel come in black as standard but are available in chrome as an optional extra.

Little Wenlock
Matt Black
Multi-Fuel £745



little wenlock

390mm (w) 415mm (d) 535mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output
Wood 5.7 kW, Solid Fuel 4.2 kW




The Much Wenlock Classic

This solid fuel and wood-burning stove shares all the traditional cast-iron beauty and cutting edge technology of its popular little brother, the Little Wenlock, only with extra heat capacity and greater versatility.

The Much Wenlock Classic is a medium-sized stove that runs at 77.3% efficiency and has a nominal heat output of 5.5kW, increasing to a maximum of 8.3kW with wood, while solid fuels will achieve a 4.1kW nominal heat output with 71.3% efficiency. Like all AGA stoves, it benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System - cutting-edge technology that optimises heat performance, reduces harmful emissions and keeps the stove window clean, so you can enjoy the relaxing effect of a real fire..

Much Wenlock Classic
Matt Black
Multi-Fuel £1385



wenlock matt

550mm (w) 538mm (d) 700mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output:
5.5 kW (Wood) 4.1 kW (Solid Fuel)




The Berrington

Take one look at the Berrington stove and you'll fall in love with its pebbled door surround and paned effect window, not to mention the beautifully moulded cast-iron exterior, hand-finished by AGA craftsmen.

Big and beautiful, the Berrington makes a proud centrepiece for a family home. At 406mm wide, its large window is kept clean by the AGA Active Air Wash System so you can enjoy all the warmth and cosiness of a real fire. The removable grate makes it easy to clean.

In terms of flexibility and choice, the Berrington delivers. It has a high chrome grate that allows you to use a variety of fuels - wood, coal or selected smokeless fuels - with a nominal heat output of up to 8.5kW (maximum heat output of 12kW) and 76% efficiency when burning wood. And just like the Much Wenlock Classic, the fire can be safely left to burn overnight on its lowest setting.

Matt Black
& Enamel





697mm (w) 495mm (d) 660mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output:
8.2 kW (Wood), 8.5 kW (Solid Fuel)




The Minsterley

A great choice for the family home, the Minsterley stove will radiate its gentle warmth throughout the house and provide hot water in abundance.

One of our larger stoves, the Minsterley has been engineered with hot water performance as a priority. Its hot water to space heating ratio is excellent, meaning that unlike similar appliances, any excess heat the Minsterley produces isn't lost to the room.

Impressive performance isn't limited to supplying hot water on demand - it is also a central heating system that offers flexibility as well as fuel economy. Thanks to its interchangeable fuel plate, the Minsterley can use either wood or solid fuel - running at 75.5% efficiency when burning wood.

Its high efficiency is down to the AGA Active Air Wash System, clever engineering that results in a clean stove window, clean combustion and low emissions. The Minsterley stove also has convenient overnight burning capability, a handy thermostatic device that allows you to program your ideal temperature and primary and secondary air intakes that provide greater control. Available in matt black.

Matt Black
Multi-Fuel £2595



568mm (w) 571mm (d) 782mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output - Space - Boiler
3.6 kW Wood, 5 kW Solid Fuel

Nominal Heat Output - Water - Boiler
7.5 kW Wood, 7.3 kW Solid Fuel




Fusion Pellet Stove

An excellent choice for the energy conscious,the AGA Fusion Pellet Stove combines innovative design, engineering excellence and impressive fuel efficiency.

The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove converts clean-burning biomass - in the form of wood pellet fuel - into heat. Amazingly, this process is completed with almost no wood smoke, which has obvious benefits for the environment.

When it comes to choosing an efficient fuel, you can't get much better than wood pellets. Due to their density and lack of moisture, they are easier to burn than other fuels and have a nominal heat output of up to 13kW, with more than 90% efficiency.

Designed to be easy to operate, the stove also features an automatic start-up cycle to turn on the fire. There's also a handy built-in programmer so you can enjoy its warmth whenever you desire.

The AGA Fusion Pellet Stove also features built-in and optional remote thermostats, removable ashtray and burn pot, room humidifiers, a fan-assisted convection air system andautomatic overheat shutdown. Available in matt black.

Fusion Pellet Stove
Wood pellet £2495



650mm (w) 580mm (d) 1040mm (h)

Nominal Heat Output:
Minimum 4.1 kW, Maximum 13 kW